What to do First in Madden 24 Ultimate Team (MUT)

Madden Ultimate Team, also known as “MUT”, is a card collecting game mode within the confines of the new Madden NFL 24. Regardless of if you are a new player, or a returning MUT veteran, you may need some tips and pointers on where to start and what to do first in this new MUT cycle. We got you covered.

Pre-order Bonuses

If you are playing before August 18th, you preordered the deluxe version of the game. With that, you got a HOF player choice, an Elite 83 overall Josh Allen card, and 4600 points.

With the HOF player choice, you either get Elite 84 overall Darrelle Revis, DeMarcus Ware, Joe Thomas, Ronde Barber, Zach Thomas, Joe Klecko, and Chuck Howley. We suggest you take either Revis or Ware.

You also get 4600 points, with those points we suggest you purchase the 4400 point Elite Starter Team bundle. With that, you get an Elite kicker and punter you can quick sell for 57,000 coins each, 13 80-84 overall elites on both offense and defense, and four 83-83 overall players. It gives you an all elite team, and 114,000 coins if you quick sell the punter and kicker (which we suggest).


In the Challenges mode, there are Headliners and Ultimate Preseason challenges. We recommend you complete both, as they give you coins, players, and upgrade tokens.
For Headliners, you get XP and an Odell Beckham Jr. You can use the upgrade tokens to upgrade him to 84 overall.

Field Passes

There are four different Field Passes you can work your way through: Season 1, Ultimate Preseason, Team Captains, and Headliners. Complete objectives in each to earn certain rewards.

  • Season 1: You receive a Jalen Ramsey card for logging in your first time. He can be upgraded through this field pass. You also receive players, packs, and coins.
  • Ultimate Preseason: You can earn low rated players and coins, and in sets you can earn an 80 overall Jalen Hurts through this field pass.
  • Team Captains: Complete objectives and earn players and upgrade tokens. These players upgrade throughout the game, as more upgrade tokens are added. They start at 80 overall. 11 are available right now, and the four players to earn are Frank Gore, Kevin Mawae, Ronde Barber, and Eric Berry
  • Headliners: Complete objectives and earn packs, coins, Season 1 XP, and Front Page upgrade tokens to upgrade the Headliners player you choose.