Madden NFL 22 Complete Superstar & X Factor Abilities Guide

Here is the complete list of Superstar X-Factors and Superstar Abilities in Madden NFL 22. Abilities are skills that mirror the NFL player’s real-life skill set that differentiate elite players from the rest.

1. Quarterback’s X-Factor Abilities
2. Running Back & Half Back X-Factor Abilities
3. Wide Receiver & Tight-End X-Factor Abilities
4. Defensive X-Factor Abilities
5. Quarterback Superstar Abilities
6. Running Back & Half Back Superstar Abilities
7. Wide Receiver & Tight-End Superstar Abilities
8. Offensive Lineman Superstar Abilities
9. Pass Rush / Run Defense Superstar Abilities
10. Off-ball Linebacker & Defensive Back Superstar Abilities


Quarterback’s X-Factor Abilities

Pro ReadsHighlights the first open target whilst ignoring pressureThree consecutive completions of 5+ yardsOne sackTom Brady, Drew Brees
BazookaWithin the zone (83 Yards) the maximum throwing distance is increased, triggered when completing a pass of 30+ yards in airComplete a pass that travels 30+ yards in the airTake one sackPatrick Mahomes
GamblerAI defenders are unable to pick faster passesThree consecutive completions of 5+ yardsTwo incompletionsAaron Rodgers
TruzzGain immunity from fumbling when tackledFive 1+ yard runsOne tackle for lossLamar Jackson
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 Running Back & Half Back X-Factor Abilities

First One FreeHigh rate of fakeout on the next juke, spin or hurdleThree rushes of 10+ yardsOne tackle for a lossSaquon Barkley, Dalvin Cook
Freight TrainIncreased chance to break the next tackle attemptThree rushes for 10+ yardsA tackle for lossEzekiel Elliott, Derrick Henry
Wrecking BallHigh success rate regarding trucks and stiff armsThree rushes of 10+ yardsTackle for lossNick Chubb
Ankle BreakerUpon catch, Fakeout rate on skill moves is increasedThree receptions of 10 or more yardsA drop, incompletion, or 3 consecutive non-targetsChristian McCaffrey
BacklashMore tackler fatigue on non-conservative tackles--Derrick Henry
SatelliteWin RAC and possession catches against single coverageMake three 10+ yard receptionsA drop, incompletion, or three consecutive non-targetsAlvin Kamara
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Wide Receiver & Tight-End X-Factor Abilities


Double MeWin aggressive catches versus single coverageTwo receptions of passes that travel 20+ yards in the airA drop, incompletion, or 3 consecutive non-targetsTravis Kelce, Mike Evans, Deandre Hopkins, Julio Jones, Davante Adams
RAC ‘Em UpWin RAC catches against single coverage.Three receptions of 20+ YardsA drop, incompletion, or three consecutive non-targetsStefon Diggs, Tyreek Hill
Max SecurityIncreased success rates on possession catchesFour consecutive receptionsOne drop, incompletion, or three consecutive non-targetsKeenan Allen, Amari Cooper, Michael Thomas
YAC ‘Em UpIncreased chance to break the first post-catch tackle.Three 20+ yard receptionsOne drop, incompletion, or three consecutive non-targetsGeorge Kittle, Darren Waller
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Defensive X-Factor Abilities

Unstoppable ForceAllows for quicker block sheds during pass rush winsTwo defensive line sacks10 offensive yards allowedKhalil Mack, Myles Garrett, Joey Bosa, Demarcus Lawrence, Cameron Jordan, TJ Watt, Danielle Hunter, Deforest Buckner
FearmongerApplies pressure to QB when engaged with a blockerTwo defensive line sacks20 offensive yards allowedFletcher Cox, Chandler Jones, Von Miller.
RelentlessRush moves no longer cost pointsOne sack or tackle for loss20 offensive yards allowedNick Bosa, JJ Watt.
ReinforcementHigher chance to defeat run blocks and disrupt catchesTwo tackles for loss, or two incompletions10 offensive yards allowedDerwin James, Tyrann Mathieu
AvalancheDownhill hit-sticks force stumblesThree hit-stick tackles30 offensive yards allowedBobby Wagner, Jamal Adams
BlitzCauses the resistance bars of on field blockers to be wiped.Two defensive line sacksOne down playedAaron Donald
Momentum ShiftOn field opponents will have their zones wipedTwo defensive line sacksOne down playedChris Jones
ShutdownOn contested catches expect increased tighter coverage & interceptionsTwo forced incompletions30 offensive yards allowedTre’Davious White, Richard Sherman, Jaire Alexander, Stephon Gilmore
Zone HawkIncreased interceptions in zone coverageTwo forced incompletions30 offensive yards allowedDevin McCourty, Fred Warner, Xavien Howard
BottleneckDominantly win man press attemptsTwo forced incompletions30 offensive yards allowedJalen Ramsey
Run StufferBlock shedding is effective against run playsTwo tackles for loss30 offensive yards allowedLavonte David
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Quarterback Superstar Abilities

FearlessImmune to defensive pressure when in the pocketTom Brady, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan
Blitz RadarHighlight extra blitzers on the fieldRussell Wilson
ComebackZone Objectives Reduced when LosingPatrick Mahomes
Hot Route MasterGain four additional hot routesTom Brady
Set Feet LeadGreater THP when leading bullet passes with set feetTom Brady
ConductorHot routing and blocking adjustment speed is increased greatlyTom Brady
Escape ArtistLeaving the pocket improves scrambling speedPatrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray
Quick DrawFaster throwing animations when under pressure.Carson Wentz
Dashing DeadeyePerfect pass accuracy upto 40 Yards on the run up.Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson
Red Zone DeadeyeThrowing in the red zone grants perfect pass accuracy.Patrick Mahomes
No-Look DeadeyeAllows perfect accuracy on cross body throws up to 20 YardsPatrick Mahomes
Anchored ExtenderGuaranteed to break the first sack attempt made by a blitzing DBDak Prescott
Gutsy ScramblerImmune to throw penalties caused by pressure when running.Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson
Roaming DeadeyePerfect Accuracy on all unpressured throws while feet are set outside the pocket.Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson
GunslingerSpeed of throwing animations & the velocity on bullet passes are increasedAaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray
FastbreakImproved ballcarry control on designed QB runsLamar Jackson
Tight OutAccurate catching from TE’s who beat their coverageLamar Jackson
Agile ExtenderEvade the first sack from a blitzing DBRussell Wilson, Deshaun Watson
Juke BoxGain Steerable juke animations.Lamar Jackson
Long Range DeadeyePerfect accuracy on all deep throws with feet set.
Pass Lead EliteThrow power increases when leading bullet passesAaron Rodgers
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Running Back & Half Back Superstar Abilities

Arm BarGain powerful stiff arm animationsJoe Mixon, Derrick Henry
Balance BeamReduces chance of stumbling when carrying a ballJoe Mixon, Nick Chubb, Dalvin Cook
BruiserMore powerful truck and stiff-arm animationsNick Chubb
Reach For ItGain addiontal yards when being tackledNick Chubb, Ezekiel Elliott
Leap FrogWhen Hurdling, the chances of Fumbling are decreasedEzekiel Elliott, Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey
EnergizerStamina is replenished after successfully using skill movesEzekiel Elliott, Dalvin Cook
EvasiveSteerable juke & spin animations.Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey
Backfield MismatchBetter routes for catching from the backfield against LBsSaquon Barkley, Kyle Juszczyk, Aaron Jones
TankChance to break hit-stick tacklesLeonard Fournette, Derrick Henry
Backfield MasterFour additional hot routes, better route running, and improved catching vs LB and DL.Christian McCaffrey
PlaymakerImmediate and precise reactions to playmaker inputs.Christian McCaffrey
Second WindReplenish stamina once per play, when its half depleted.Josh Jacobs
BulldozerMore powerful truck animations.Josh Jacobs
Matchup NightmareSwifter route running and catching when against LBsAlvin Kamara
RB ApprenticeFour additional hot routes when lined up at RBAlvin Kamara
CloserReduced zone objectives in the 2nd halfDerrick Henry
Juke BoxGain Steerable juke animationsDalvin Cook, Alvin Kamara
Nasty StreakFrequently attempt & win impact blocks against LBs & DBs when playing lineman or fullback.Kyle Juszczyk
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Wide Receiver & Tight-End Superstar Abilities

Short In EliteGain accurate catches on short passes inside the numbersDeandre Hopkins, George Kittle, Michael Thomas, Darren Waller, Justin Jefferson
Mid In EliteGain accurate catches on medium passes inside the numbersCourtland Sutton, Mike Evans, Deandre Hopkins, Zach Ertz, Julian Edelman, Kyle Pitts
Deep In EliteGain accurate catches on deep passes inside the numbersStefon Diggs, Kenny Golladay, Terry Mclaurin
Short Out EliteGain accurate catches on short passes outside the numbers.Tyreek Hill, George Kittle, DJ Moore, Michael Thomas, Darren Waller
Mid Out EliteGain accurate catches on medium passes outside the numbers.Keenan Allen, Julio Jones, DJ Moore, Adam Thielen, Chris Godwin, Calvin Ridley
Deep Out EliteGain accurate catches on deep passes outside the numbersAllen Robinson II, Mike Evans, Travis Kelce, TY Hilton, Amari Cooper, Julio Jones
Outside ApprenticeGain four additional hot routes when lined up outsideAllen Robinson II, Keenan Allen, Amari Cooper, Davante Adams, Calvin Ridley, Terry Mclaurin, Justin Jefferson
Juke BoxGain Steerable juke animationsStefon Diggs, Odell Beckham Jr, Tyreek Hill
Grab-N-GoAfter a successful RAC catch; gain quicker turning/change-of-directionStefon Diggs, Odell Beckham Jr, Tyreek Hill
Return ManBe able to quickly shift momentum, change direction, and turn the corner without losing speed on kick and punt returns.Cordarelle Patterson, Andre Roberts
Red Zone ThreatCatches in the red zone versus single coverage is improvedRob Gronkowski, Mike Evans, Deandre Hopkins, Kenny Golladay, Davante Adams, Cooper Kupp, D.K. Metcalf, Kyle Pitts
Route TechnicianGain swifter cuts when running along routesTY Hilton, Amari Cooper, Julio Jones, Davante Adams, Michael Thomas, Justin Jefferson
TankWill break almost any hit-stick tackle.Rob Gronkowski
TE ApprenticeGain four additional hot routes when lined up at TETravis Kelce, Zach Ertz, Darren Waller
Leap FrogWhen Hurdling, the chances of Fumbling are decreasedTravis Kelce
Route ApprenticeFour additional hot routes regardless of where they line up.George Kittle
WR ApprenticeGain four additional hot routes at any WR positionMichael Thomas
Slot ApprenticeGain four additional hot routes when lined up in the slotAdam Thielen, Cole Beasley
Slot-O-MaticOn short slot routes gain accurate catching and better cutesKeenan Allen, Adam Thielen, Cooper Kupp, Chris Godwin, Cole Beasley
RecuperationGrants increased rate of fatigue recoveryAaron Jones
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Offensive Lineman Superstar Abilities

All DayProvides protection against frequent shed attemptsMitchell Schwartz, Tyron Smith, David Bakhtiari, Trent Williams
Edge ProtectorProvides stronger pass protection against elite edge rushersMitchell Schwartz, Tyron Smith, Trent Williams, David Bakhtiari, Ryan Ramczyk, Terron Armstead, Ronnie Stanley
Screen ProtectorDominant impact block wins on screen playsZack Martin, Jason Kelce
Post UpWhen engaged in double team blocks, becomes dominantZack Martin, Brandon Brooks, Brandon Scherff, Ali Marpet, Trent Brown
Nasty StreakFrequently attempt & win impact blocks against LBs & DBs when playing lineman or fullback.Quenton Nelson, Lane Johnson, Trent Brown, Mekhi Becton
UnspunIncreased resistance against spin pass rush movesAndrew Whitworth
LifeguardGain resistance against swim/club rush movesBrandon Brooks
Puller EliteEffectiveness of pull blocks is increasedQuenton Nelson, David DeCastro, Mekhi Becton
MatadorGrants protection against bull rush movesRodney Hudson, Brandon Scherff
Tear ProofAbility to defend against rips as if they had an additional resistance point.David DeCastro
Fool Me OnceThe rate of blocking resistance gained is increasedLane Johnson, Ryan Ramczyk
Natural TalentStart a game with blocker resistanceJason Kelce, Tristan Wirfs
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Pass Rush / Run Defense Superstar Abilities

Swim ClubIgnore Blocker resistances by using Swim/Club movesJoey Bosa, Demarcus Lawrence, Arik Armstead, JJ Watt
Edge ThreatDominant pass rush moves along the edgeKhalil Mack, Von Miller, Myles Garrett, Joey Bosa, Demarcus Lawrence, Nick Bosa, TJ Watt
No OutsidersAllows for faster run sheds against outside zone playsKhalil Mack, Von Miller, Joey Bosa, Aaron Donald, Cameron Jordan, TJ Watt, Chase Young
Under PressureArea of disruption and pressure on QB is increasedChris Jones, DeForest Buckner, Demarcus Lawrence, Fletcher Cox, Aaron Donald
B.O.G.OGrants a free rush pass rush move after spending a point
Run StopperDuring run plays, shed attempts are free of costCalais Campbell, JJ Watt, Jonathan Allen
Inside StuffAllows for Quicker Runs sheds against inside zone playGrady Jarrett, Kenny Clark, Aaron Donald, Calais Campbell, Cameron Heyward, Deforest Buckner, Jonathan Allen
Edge Threat EliteGrants increased QB pressure & dominant edge rush movesChandler Jones, Za’Darius Smith, Cameron Jordan, Danielle Hunter, Shaquil Barrett
Instant RebateGain a pass rush point upon successful block shedKenny Clark, Cameron Jordan
El ToroDominate bull rush wins from max pass rush pointsMyles Garrett, Chris Jones, DeForest Buckner, Fletcher Cox, Grady Jarrett, Aaron Donald, JJ Watt
SpeedsterBecome partially immune to blocker resistances when attempting Speed rush movesNick Bosa, Danielle Hunter, Chase Young, Brian Burns
Extra CreditGain an additional max pass rush pointNick Bosa
Strip SpecialistReduced tackle penalty when attempting to strip the ballKhalil Mack, Myles Garrett, Shaquil Barrett, Chandler Jones, TJ Watt, Darius Leonard, Brian Burns
UnpredictableLess likely to increase their blockers’ resistance bars when performing shed wins.Cameron Heyward
Reach EliteWhile engaged with blockers gain the ability to tackle/sockGeno Atkins, Chandler Jones, Ryan Kerrigan, Danielle Hunter
RipperIgnore one bar of blocker resistance when attempting rip moves.Geno Atkins
Goal Line StuffQuicker run sheds near the goal lineChris Jones
Secure TacklerGrants higher success rates on successful conservative tacklesFletcher Cox, Demario Davis
Defensive RallyGrant a bonus pass rush point to all DL on any 3rd and 4th down.Arik Armstead
Adrenaline RushSacks restore pass push rush pointsVon Miller, Chase Young
Out My WayDominate impact block wins against WR, HB, or TE.Za’Darius Smith, Demario Davis, Darius Leonard
Mr Big StopStart 3rd and 4th down with half of your maximum pass rush pointsZa’Darius Smith
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Off-ball Linebacker & Defensive Back Superstar Abilities

Out My WayDominant impact blocks wins against WR’s, HB’s & TE’sBobby Wagner
LurkerSpectacular catch animations for lurking defendersLavonte David, Eric Kendricks, Fred Warner
OutmatchedIncreased chance of contested catching against RBsFred Warner, Demario Davis, Myles Jack
Tackle SupremeGain decreased fakeout chance & conservative tacklesBobby Wagner
Short Route KOImproved knockouts when against an opponent in short routeChris Harris Jr, Tyrann Mathieu, Jaire Alexander, Marlon Humphrey
Medium Route KOImproved knockouts when against an opponent in medium routesMicah Hyde, Justin Simmons
Deep Route KOForce more catch tackle knockouts in man-to-man vs long routes, 20+ yards from LoS.Darius Slay Jr, Jaire Alexander, Marlon Humphrey, Xavien Howard
Flat Zone KOIn Flat zones expect improve reactions & catch knockoutsDerwin James, Tyrann Mathieu, Richard Sherman, Jamal Adams, Stephon Gilmore, Harrison Smith
Mid Zone KOIn mid zones expect improve reactions & catch knockoutsLavonte David, Budda Baker, Fred Warner, Eric Kendricks
Deep In Zone KOIn Deep inside zones expect improve reactions & catch knockoutsJustin Simmons, Devin McCourty, Earl Thomas, Kevin Byard, Jessie Bates III
Deep Out Zone KOIn Deep outside zones expect improve reactions & catch knockoutsTre’Davious White, Richard Sherman, Byron Jones, D.K. Metcalf
AcrobatGain Diving swats & interceptionsTre’Davious White, Chris Harris, Darius Slay Jr, Jaire Alexander, Stephon Gilmore, Jalen Ramsey, Tyrann Mathieu, Xavien Howard, Jessie Bates III
One Step AheadSwift reactions to receiver during man coverageStephon Gilmore, Jalen Ramsey, James Bradberry III
Pick ArtistIncreased stamina and accurate catches on INT returnsTre’Davious White, Micah Hyde, Stephon Gilmore, Devin McCourty, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Kevin Byard, Xavien Howard
Bench PressPress wins fatigue to their receiverJalen Ramsey
Chuck OutZone chucks fatigues the receiverByron Jones, Richard Sherman, James Bradberry III
Stone WallPrevent additional yardage gains while tacklingJamal Adams, Earl Thomas, Harrison, Harrison Smith
Tip DrillIncreased chance to catch tipped passesMinkah Fitzpatrick
UnfakeableDecreased chance to gain fakeout from ball carrier movesDerwin James, Devin McCourty, Budda Baker, Darius Leonard
LumberjackGuaranteed tackles and reduced fumble chance with successful cut stickDerwin James
EnforcerAfter hit-sticking the ball carriers expect a guaranteed tackleJamal Adams, Bobby Wagner, Harrison Smith
DeflatorIncreased ball carrier fatigue on non-conservative tacklesLavonte David, Myles Jack
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