Madden 24 Which Players and Teams Need Rating Changes? How You Can Influence Ratings!

Every year it seems as though Madden gets the ratings wrong, weather that is individual players or teams, they can be off. The fans, players and even ESPN and news reporting sites seem to be getting in on players that Madden 24’s absurd rating system missed. People are up in arms every year and very vocal about it, now you can influence the player ratings!

Years back Chad Ochocinco personally decided to take on the crusade of repairing poor rating’s in the Madden games. He has done commercials, has twitter pages full of how he is adjusting the Madden ratings, it has become a big marketing campaign. Ochocinco has even proclaimed himself to be the Madden ratings adjuster. Madden has started to allow gamers to call into the Madden Hotline to make a case for players and teams to be adjusted. This year as you play Madden 24 you may notice in the commentary the announcers talking about the ratings. The announcers even go as far to provide you with the phone number you can call to challenge their ratings.

Here is the phone number you can call to argue for your favorite team.

1-844-madden-1 or 1-844-623-3361

So get to calling, let your voice be heard on who the Madden ratings adjusters got wrong this year!