Madden 24 Ultimate Passing Guide: Passing Types, Skill-Based Passing, How to Throw Deep, QB Tips, & More

Welcome to the Ultimate Passing Guide for Madden 24! Here you can learn how to pass like a pro, with plenty of tips and intangibles to pick up, master all five kinds of passes in Madden 24, and become a QB like a champ!

How to Throw Different Types of Passes in Madden 24

If you go into in game practice/Passing Mechanics, Madden 24 walks you through step by step so make sure to go into practice mode and practice all the drills. There are five ways to throw the ball (Bullet, Lob, Touch, High, Low). Players can decide on how they want to throw the ball based on the situation of the play.

Bullet – To throw a bullet pass hold down the receiver button you are throwing to. While bullet passes are great at getting it to your receiver they are not meant to be used in all situations. If you have a defender between the QB and the receiver don’t use a bullet pass.

Lob – To throw a lob pass just tap the receiver button you are throwing to. This is great for when you want to get a deep ball over the heads of the defender when you have a few steps on him.

Touch – To throw a touch pass you need to press, then release the receiver button. This throws a medium strength pass that is good to get over the heads of an underneath defender but when you don’t want another defender to close in on the pass from over top. This is the most difficult of the five passes to get right. If you think about it like a firm tap. In between holding down and tapping the button.

High – To perform a high pass you first hold down the LB Or L1 buttons, while still holding it press the receiver button you wish to throw it to. Use this pass when your receiver has a height advantage on the defender. While this was overly used in Madden 23 because of it’s dominance, it is not as effective in Madden 24.

Low – To perform a low pass you hold down the L2 or LT button. This is good in a situation where you are wanting to throw into some tight windows and don’t want it to get picked off, mainly when the defender is over top of your receiver would be a great place to throw this, or on a comeback route.

Madden 24 Passing Types

Classic – Disables skill based passing to use classic Madden passing button controls.

Placement & Power – Enables visual targets to control the pass placement and power only, leaving accuracy to be determined by player ratings.

Placement & Accuracy – Enables a timing element for perfect accuracy on bullet passes on top of visual targets to control the pass placement and power.

This is the way Madden 24 defines each passing style. You are able to change the passing style in the game options under passing mechanics. We recommend practicing each for a while to figure out which one works best for you.

Madden 24 Skill-Based Passing

Madden 24 Passing Controls

ActionXbox One / Series X PS4 / PS5
Low PassReceiver Icon + Hold LTReceiver Icon + Hold L2
High PassReceiver Icon + Hold LBReceiver Icon + Hold L1
Bullet PassHold Receiver IconHold Receiver Icon
Touch PassPress Receiver IconPress Receiver Icon
Lob PassTap Receiver IconTap Receiver Icon
ScrambleLS + RTLS + R2
Pump FakeDouble Tap Receiver IconDouble Tap Receiver Icon
Throw AwayR3R3
Throw (Receiver 1)AX
Throw (Receiver 2)BO
Throw (Receiver 3)X
Throw (Receiver 4)Y
Throw (Receiver 5)RBR1

Madden 24 QB / Passing Tips

Lead the receiver – if you wish to lead the receiver slightly in any direction you will use use the left stick while you throw the pass. These are great for situations where the defender is on the left or the right of your receiver. Throw the ball to the opposite side the defender is on, this works great on tight end streaks up the seam (middle of the field).

Check down – don’t expect to go for the deep shot every time, take what the defense is giving you. If they are taking away everything up field then check it down in the flat, get a few yards, and sometimes you can make a defender miss and turn it into a big gain!

Take you time before the snap – this is difficult for a lot of people. They want to snap it and go right away. If you take your time you can examine how the defense is lined up and call an audible, motion a player to cause confusion or get the upper hand, or hot route a receiver open. Look for the mismatch, if you have a linebacker covering your receiver then hot route into a streak!

Step up in the pocket – A lot of times players want to step out of the pocket, or keep backing up, instead resist the urge at times. If you step up in the pocket instead, that edge rusher may not get that sack.

Throw the ball away – make sure you know how to throw the ball away when there is no one open and you are out of the pocket. Don’t take a sack or throw an interception trying to force something into coverage.

Learn to slide before getting hit – another simple but important tip. When you take off with the QB your more likely to fumble if you get hit then any other player with the ball. Take care of the ball and slide, be careful not to dive because this will increase your chance of a fumble even more.

If you need to learn how to slide properly or how to throw away the ball check out this guide.