Madden 24 Tips: How to Slide and Throw Ball Away As QB

Sliding may seem pretty basic, however it is very underrated. We are going to make sure you know exactly how to do it correctly, because if you dive instead by accident you at a very high percentage of getting a fumble if you are hit.

To slide (feet first) you tap the square button on PlayStation and the A button on Xbox systems, be careful not to dive by holding down the button.

Sometimes when you feel the rush and you have no receiver open you just need to throw the ball away. Often in games I will see players lob the ball up while throwing off their back foot and throwing an easy interception. Or a player will run out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage, or take an avoidable sack because they simply don’t know how to throw the ball out of bounds. We got you covered!

To throw the ball away out of bounds you need to press in the Right Stick, click it down. Make sure to get out of the pocket and outside the hash mark before you do or you will be called for intentionally grounding penalty.