Madden 24 Tips: How to Invite Friends for Crossplay & Every Game Mode

Gaming with friends has been a treasured pastime for years and Madden 24 offers more ways than ever to game with a buddy.


To play a friend on a different console than you, you can do so by using the EA Social Interface. Once there, search for your friend with their EA Identification Number.

Couch Co-op / Local Play

This offers you a way to play from one console with two controllers. Simply connect a second controller, go to Play Now, select a custom game, and choose your teams.


You can invite a friend to a connected franchise if it is online. Once you load into your online franchise, go to the options tab. Once there, toggle down to “members”. From there, select a desired team for your friend. Click “invite user”, then choose to either enter their gamertag or invite from your friends list.


From the start screen of Superstar, select “Showdown”. On that screen, you will have a lobby with two slots. Click the right trigger for a list of friends to pop up to invite to your game.

Head 2 Head

Also known as “H2H”, this offers a simple way to compete against friends. On the Madden 24 home screen, go to Quick Play. You will be presented with four different options to play. Select “Online H2H”.

After choosing the H2H mode, go to “play a friend”. You will be given a screen to select from your friends list to invite to a game.

Ultimate Team

Popularly known as “MUT”, there are many ways to play with a buddy in this mode. One way is MUT squads.

In the MUT Squads lobby, you will have the option to invite two friends. You can either play as a duo, or fill the roles during matchmaking if you don’t have three friends to play with at the time.

You can play challenges either solo or with friends, and there is a “Play a Friend” mode on the “Play” tab.

You may also play a friend in MUT Draft.