Madden 24 Tips: How to Intercept the Ball, Improve Coverage, & More

Want to become a shutdown corner or get better at getting interceptions in Madden 24? Well look no further! Read on for the full interception controls as well as coverage and interception tips!

Catching Controls

Here are the catching controls for Madden 24.

ActionXbox One / Series X PS4 / PS5
Aggressive CatchY
Run After CatchX
Switch PlayerBO
Possession CatchAX

Madden 24 Coverage & Interception Tips

  • Learn the controls and game mechanics
  • Practice in Training Camp
  • Experiment with different tactics
  • Experience improves awareness and instincts
  • Be aggressive, but disciplined
  • Develop situational awareness. Being too aggressive (and failing at the interception attempt) can lead to the defensive secondary vulnerable to big plays. Have situational awareness vs different moments in the game (e.g. if you’re down big, it may make more sense to go for a pick. But if you’re protecting a lead, it’s wiser to be more conservative).