Madden 24 Tips: How To Change Your Playbook In Head To Head Mode

Each year there are a number of playbooks that the Madden community loves to use over all the others (Meta). It is important to know how to change the playbook for head to head games, no matter which team you use.

The two ways you can do this are from the main menu and from the head to head menu.

At main menu, navigate all the way over to the right hand side where you see the little settings cog. When you go in this menu you will want to choose the game options tab. In this tab you can change a number of settings. By default the game sets your offensive and defensive playbooks to Team Specific. Scroll down and choose whichever playbooks you prefer (Need tips on the 5 best playbooks in Madden 24? go here). Exit out to the main menu and the game settings should automatically save.

At head to head menu, choose quick match choose advance settings on the bottom (square button for PlayStation, X for Xbox/series X).This will bring up options to change the offensive and defensive playbooks as well as a few other things.