Madden 24 Guide: Best Offensive Playbooks & Tips for How to Dominate With Them

EA has revamped most teams playbooks this year. While there are many great offensive playbooks in Madden 24, we will show you the top 5 best! There are some familiar formations and plays that you are sure to know, however there are some new changes in Madden 24 that you may not already know about.

Want to use one of these playbooks but not the team? Here’s how to change the playbooks no matter which team you use in H2H mode.

These are great playbooks that anyone can dominate the competition with, but you’ll have even more success by incorporating these playbooks tips alongside them:

Madden 24 Playbook Tips

1. Know Your Teams Personnel & How to Scheme Around It 

These playbooks will be widely used and become many Madden 24 players’ favorites. To go above the competition and crush your opponent though, will largely depend on the effectiveness of the playbooks around your style and team personal. Make sure your personnel fits the style of offense you are running! Get comfortable with the plays and how they run inside your team scheme.

2. Know Your Plays & Playbooks

Go into practice mode, run these playbooks through their paces with the team you prefer and practice, practice, practice! Get the timing down, see what works for you and what doesn’t. If you can get in a rhythm with certain plays against the AI (or your friends) then you will probably find things that work against people online too, and can tweak as you go.

3. Keep Your Opponent Guessing & Stay Balanced

Just like in the real NFL, if you become one dimensional than you make it a lot easer on your opponent to adjust. If you come out in the first half running the ball a lot, switch over to some play-action, keep your opponent on their toes always!

4. Control the Clock

An important part of Madden is clock management. If you want to eat up the clock so your opponent has no time left when they get the ball, or you want to put up as much points as possible you need to have good time management skills in Madden 24.

Best Offensive Playbooks in Madden 24 

Lets get into the top 5 best offensive playbooks this year in Madden 24!

1. Kansas City Chiefs & Washington Commanders Offensive Playbook (share same playbook)

Best Scheme fits: 11 personnel (1 running back, 1, tight End, and 2 wide receivers) or 12 personnel (1 running back, 2 tight ends, and 2 wide receivers).

This is one of my personal favorite playbooks to use. The Chiefs and Commanders playbooks in Madden 24 are exactly the same. Both focus heavily on passing with some good power run formations thrown in to the mix to keep you balanced.

The Tight, close and bunch sets are great passing formations that offer a good balance of attack against the opposing Defenses.

Recommended Formations to build around in the Madden 24 Kansas City Chiefs playbook and Washington Commanders playbook:

  • Singleback Bunch X Nasty
  • Pistol Bunch TE
  • Gun Bunch Str Nasty
  • Gun Bunch X Nasty
  • Gun Deuce Close
  • Gun Tight Open
  • Gun U Off Trips
  • Gun Wing Stack Wk

2. New York Jets Offensive Playbook

Best Scheme fits: 11 personnel (1 running back, 1, tight End, and 2 wide receivers) or 12 personnel (1 running back, 2 tight ends, and 2 wide receivers), and 22 personnel (2 running back, 2 tight ends, 1 wide receiver).

Another great Offensive playbook this year! Especially if you want to crush your opponent with the passing game, use this playbook. While the Jets playbook is great for the passing attack, it is also a well rounded balanced (remember tip #3) playbook that fits well with an effective running and Passing scheme.

The Jets are the only playbook that includes Gun Tight Offset TE formation in Madden 24. Some of the best of the best Madden players use this formation to death, so go and practice it a lot (tip #2).

Recommended formations in Madden 24 New York Jets playbook:

  • I Form Close
  • Strong Close
  • Gun Bunch
  • Gun Bunch TE
  • Gun Tight Doubles
  • Gun Tight Offset TE
  • Gun Trips TE Offset

3. Denver Broncos Offensive Playbook

Best Scheme fits: 11 personnel (1 running back, 1, tight End, and 2 wide receivers)

The formations in the Denver Broncos offensive playbook are a bit more traditional focused. This makes it a good fit in most any Madden, year after year. The new formations included in Madden 24 this year help to make it stand out over past years.

The Broncos playbook is the only one with a Read Option in the Gun Tight formation, making the pass heavy formation a threat in the run game as well if you have a mobile QB taking the snaps (tip #1).

Recommended formations in Madden 24 Denver Broncos playbook:

  • I Form Close
  • Gun Box
  • Gun Bunch Str Nasty
  • Gun Doubles Hip
  • Gun Split Flanker Close
  • Gun Tight
  • Gun Wing Flex Offset

To have a good balanced attack (tip #3), focus on the Gun Wing Flex Offset formation. Plays that are particularly difficult to defend this year are PA Double Post, 0 1 Trap, Wheel Post Drag, and Stick Nod Vertical when properly mixed up.

4. San Francisco 49ers Offensive Playbook

Best Scheme fits: 11 personnel (1 running back, 1, tight End, and 2 wide receivers) or 12 personnel (1 running back, 2 tight ends, and 2 wide receivers).

The San Francisco 49ers playbook is a run first, run second, run often offense. If you want to pound the ball and bully your opponent into submission then use this playbook! The 49ers playbook allows you to dictate the pace of the game with an effective run centric focus.

The 49ers offensive playbook in Madden 24 has two formations that line up a starting wide receiver at running back. The reason this works so well is because often it will create mismatches where a linebacker has to cover a receiver, and gives you a lot of different options of attacking the defense. Your opponent will have to pick their poison and can’t cover everyone.

Recommended formations in the Madden 24 San Francisco 49ers playbook:

  • Singleback Bunch X Nasty
  • Singleback Deuce Close
  • Singleback Wing Close
  • I Form Y Off Close
  • Gun Deebo Package
  • Gun Slot WR Backfield
  • Gun Split Close
  • Gun Tight Y Off

5. Philadelphia Eagles & Indianapolis Colts Offensive Playbook (same playbooks)

This playbook is a great option for players that like to utilize a mobile QB; but as mentioned before don’t rely only on one thing, mix up your offence. One of the Meta formations it seems in most years of Madden is the Gun Bunch Offset. You have a lot of options in it for reads, Play-action, runs and passes. This playbook has a lot of shotgun formations.

Recommended formation in the Madden 24 Philadelphia Eagles & Indianapolis Colts Offensive Playbook:

  • Pistol Deuce Close
  • Gun Bunch Offset
  • Gun Bunch Str Nasty
  • Gun Deuce Close
  • Gun Trips TE Offset
  • Gun Wing Stack
  • Gun Wing Tight Nasty