Madden 24 Season 1 Competitive Pass Details & Rewards

The fastest way to get coins, player packs and ahead in MUT is to keep up with the Madden 24 MUT Pass. Here is a run down of all of Season 1’s rewards. As a quick tip for you, make sure to do your daily goals in the pass.

LevelRewardXP Requirement
25,000 Coins11
3Midfield Pack43
410,000 Coins85
5Redzone Pack138
625,000 Season XP191
7Midfield Pack244
810,000 Coins297
9Redzone Pack350
10Uncommon Strategy Item403
1184 OVR BND Headliners Hero Fantasy Pack456
1210,000 Coins and 25,000 Season XP509
13Redzone Pack562
1415,000 Coins615
15Midfield Pack679
16Redzone Pack743
1750,000 Season XP807
1825,000 Coins871
19Midfield Pack935
2025,000 Coins999
2150,000 Season XP and Touchdown Pack1,063
2286 OVR Exclusive A.J. Terrell Jr.1,127
23Redzone Pack1,191
2425,000 Coins1,255
25Touchdown Pack1,319
2625,000 Coins1,383
2787 OVR Legends Player1,447
2825,000 Coins1,511
29Midfield Pack1,575
3025,000 Coins1,639
31Redzone Pack1,703
3225,000 Coins1,767
33Midfield Pack1,831
3425,000 Season XP and 10,000 Coins1,895
35Redzone Pack1,959
36Uncommon Strategy Item2,023
3787 OVR BDN Headliners Champion Fantasy Pack2,087
3825,000 Season XP and 10,000 Coins2,151
39Redzone Pack2,215
4025,000 Coins2,279
41Midfield Pack2,343
42Redzone Pack2,407
4350,000 Season XP2,471
4425,000 Coins2,535
45Midfield Pack2,599
4625,000 Coins2,663
4750,000 Season XP and Touchdown Pack2,727
4889 OVR Exclusive George Pickens2,791
49Redzone Pack2,855
5050,000 Coins2,939
51Touchdown Pack3,023
5250,000 Coins3,107
5387 OVR Legends Player3,191