Madden 24 Rosters Guide: How to Update Rosters, Download Custom Rosters, & Edit Players

A major component into the Madden franchise being a realistic football simulator is the rosters. Whether it is updating a team after a big trade or signing, adjusting for injury, or updating ratings based on the season, it is something gamers have come to expect from not just Madden, but all sports titles. This is the ultimate guide on how to update and download rosters, along with editing players.

How to Update Rosters in Madden 24

Updated rosters are essential for the most up to date gaming experience.

  1. When you load into Madden 24, scroll over to the NFL logo. This is the “Creation Center”.
  2. Once in the Creation Center, scroll over to “edit rosters”
  3. From there, navigate all the way to the right to “update rosters”
  4. When you click on that, it will download the most recent roster update

How to Download Custom Rosters in Madden 24

  1. In the Creation Center, go to the “Share and Manage Files” tab
  2. Select “Download Community Files”.
  3. Navigate to the roster tab and select a roster from the provided selection. A drop down menu will appear, select “Download File”.
  4. From there, go to “Load and Delete Files”.
  5. Scroll over to the roster tab, select the roster you downloaded, and load it in.

How to Edit Players in Madden 24

Editing players is simple and straightforward.

  1. In the Creation Center, go to the edit rosters tab.
  2. In edit rosters, click on manage players.
  3. Then find a team with your desired player you want to edit.
  4. Click on the player, then select edit player.

Madden 24 is a very customizable experience built for the consumer. You can make the game your own world, or keep it updated with real life. Franchise offers this in a more personalized way, so if you want to customize a centralized world, Franchise is a good option.

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