Madden 24 How To: MUT Season 2 Field Pass Daily Challenges

Madden 24 Season 2 Field Pass Daily Challenges

This page will update each day for the Field pass daily objectives and how to complete them quickly and easily.

  • Buy 1 Pack  -easy way to do this is spend 500UT coins on a gold player
  • Record 2 Sacks  -Easy way to do this is to play Solo Battles, Challenges (This will be the fastest. Pick one where you are on defense) or TRICK-OR-TREAT. Choose blitz packages and move the defender covering the running back up to the line. You should get near instant pressure.
  • Record 500 Passing yards  -In Solo Battles/TRICK-OR-TREAT/Challenges. Run a lot of play-action deep passes, this often will allow for one on one matchups where your receiver could get open over top.


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