Madden 24 How To: MUT Competitive Field Pass Daily Challenges

Madden 24 Competitive Field Pass Daily Challenges

“Take on the competition in H2H and Solo Battles. Complete Objectives and earn Competitive Points (CP) to level up and earn Packs, Coins, Season XP, and Exclusive Players!”  -ENDS IN 22 DAYS (Nov. 16th)

This page will update each day for the Field pass daily objectives and how to complete them quickly and easily.

The easiest and fastest way is to play Solo battels on rookie difficulty, then do the following tip for each challenge.

  • Score a Touchdown -play any head to head or solo battels game and try to score one touchdown or more.
  • Record 2+ sacks in a Single Game -play any head to head or solo battels game and match up coverage with the opponent, but pick some blitz’s and you should eventually get home. I like to press coverage and move the defender up that is covering the Running back and User.
  • Pass for 400+ -Choose deep passes and bomb it! Choose play-action, Tight end up the seem (middle of the field) is always a good option also.


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