Madden 24 Tips: Fixes for All Issues & Errors We Know So Far

Madden 24 launched on August 18th (and the 15th for everyone that paid real money to get early access) to a lot of problems that EA is working on. This post we are going to go over all the known issues and how to solve them.

Without further ado, here are the known issues players of Madden 24 are having so far.

How to Fix Crashing in Madden 24 (PC):

  1. Restarting Madden 24 – This should always be your first go to when experiencing any issues in Madden 24. It does not require much to do, it is fast and just might solve your issue without any further action or time.
  2. Verify file integrity – Make sure to scan Madden 24 through Steam to make sure there are no corrupt files that are causing the issues. To do this select the Madden 24, then go to settings and choose “Scan and fix files,” you will automatically start a process that will go over all the files in the installation directory and fix the ones that are corrupt.
  3. Enable secure boost –  For many playing Madden 24 on PC they are receiving a message saying “Secure Boost not enabled on your machine” error. If you are this is what you are running into you will need to go to your Windows BIOS settings and enable Secure Boost. This should help a lot with the issues your having.
  4. Update graphics card – Updating graphics card might be what is holding you back in Madden 24. You always want to keep your GPU  updated as much as possible, this alone can resolve a lot of issues. Either go to their respective websites and manually download the latest drivers or install the desktop app and then update to the latest version.
  5. Make sure Madden 24 is up to date – EA is working on many, many, many fixes to so many performance issues they are having on Madden 24. To say that it has been a buggy game would be an understatement. It is always good advice to keep the game up to date. EA should be rolling out regular updates, so keep checking to make sure you are up to date. The only issue is, sometimes when EA rolls out a new update it comes with additional problems down the road.

If your having crashes on PS5 this is what the official Sony support site offers –

How to fix CE-108255-1 Error in Madden 24

An error occurred in the application.

  1. Make sure your system software and application are updated.
  2. If the error occurs after launching a game, delete the game from Settings Storage, and reinstall it.
  3. Start your PS5 console in Safe Mode and select Rebuild Database.
  4. If the error occurs again, reset your PS5 console from Settings System System Software Reset Options Reset Your Console, and try installing the application again. Please back up your data if possible.

While these might solve your issues, I would use caution before rebuilding your database on the PlayStation. Make certain you want to do it before you blindly accept.

EA’s Official Response to the Madden Community

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for letting us know what you are experiencing inside Madden NFL 24.

If you are seeing crashing on the PlayStation, try the following steps first.

  • Clear the systems cache (Close the game completely > Turn off the console > Wait 30-60 seconds > Restart and Relaunch)
  • Verify you signed into your PSN account
  • Check for updates
  • Restore License
  • Try the steps in our Connection and Advance Connection Guides
  • Open your PS5 NAT Type
  • Change DNS settings (You can use the public google DNS primary:, secondary:, unless there is a different DNS you would rather use)
  • Entering Safe Mode and Rebuild your PS database

If the issue continues, please let us know the following information:

Would it be possible to get more information on this?

  • Platform:
  • PSN ID/Gamertag:
  • Are you getting an error message?
  • Which modes does this happen in?
  • Does this happen when loading into a specific more or performing an action in a mode?
  • Does this happen to any other account on the device?
  • How long are you playing until this happens?
  • Are you playing from the device’s internal storage or an external drive?
  • What type of network are you using? (Wired, Wireless, Hotspot)
  • Is anything else happening?
  • Please share any steps you’ve tried to far to resolve the issue:
  • If possible, share a Screenshot or Clip…
  • If on PC, please share a DxDiag and an EA app Error ID

We can use this information, to help make the team aware of the issue and to further investigate.

EA official support page. If you would like to submit a support ticket for any of the issues you may be having with Madden 24, go here.

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