Madden 23 Patch #6 Notes: Adds Updates to Gameplay, Franchise, & More

Madden NFL 23 Patch #6 is live and adds updates for gameplay, Franchise Mode and Face of the Franchise, player likeness updates, and more.

Madden 23 Patch #6 Notes


  • Fixed an issue causing the ball to be in the wrong hand on some first down celebrations and some TD celebrations
  • Fixed an issue causing a defensive preplay fidget animation to move a defender into the neutral zone and cause an offsides penalty at the snap
  • Tuning to the angles and distances at which oncoming defenders will be detected as applying pressure on the QB during the throw
    • DEV NOTE: The tuning done to pressure detection is with the intent of decreasing the likelihood of getting an ‘Under Pressure Inaccurate’ pass when attempting to throw the ball quickly vs. blitz.
  • Tuning to reduce catch-chance for non-ability receivers attempting aggressive catches in traffic
    • DEV NOTE: This tuning is meant to decrease the frequency of successful aggressive catches in traffic when using receivers without aggressive-catch abilities
  • Tuning to reduce catch chances for defenders attempting to catch throw-out-of-sack passes behind the LOS
  • Fixed an issue that was heavily penalizing defenders when attempting to catch tipped passes in traffic
    • DEV NOTE: Defenders’ catch chance is globally reduced when considered to be ‘in traffic’ to reflect the difficulties of securing a catch alongside other players. This change will reduce the amount of penalty applied when the ball has already been tipped or knocked up into the air to give defenders a better chance at intercepting tipped balls.
  • Fixed a rare issue leading to an incorrect spotting of the ball when a player would perform a standing celebration following an interception
  • General stability improvements


  • Fixed an issue preventing the ‘Player of the Week’ Legacy Goal from completing correctly after winning a ‘Player of the Week’ award
  • Fixed a typo in the name of the ‘Shot Play Concept Drill’ side activity

Our team is continuing to work on the Franchise Cloud Save issue from 12/28, alongside this Title Update. Further analysis has determined that this issue affected around 2% of all leagues created since launch.

Our team has made progress on restoring backups and we are targeting early next week to restore the leagues that could be recovered. However, the current recommendation is for players to start a new league, as not all leagues will be recoverable.

Play Now Live Update:

Our Franchise Team has added an additional starting point of Week 17 for players starting new Franchises via the “Play Now Live” option. This update will go live via a server side update around the Title Update. There is also a previously scheduled Wild Card update coming next week.

Note: Please ensure your EA Account is up-to-date with your current email address. Here is an EA Help article with information on how to update.

  • Stability Updates
  • General Fixes


  • New Face Scans added
    • Jaquan Brisker – Bears – S
    • Tyquan Thornton – Patriots – WR
    • Skyy Moore – Chiefs – WR
    • Desmond Ridder – Falcons QB
    • James Cook – Bills – HB
    • Brian Asamoah – Vikings – LB
  • Fixed logos on following White gloves:
    • Nike Superbad 6
    • Jordan Superbad 6
    • Jordan Vapor Jet 7
  • Added Nike Alpha Menace Pro 3 cleats


  • Various stability updates
  • User Agreement updated

Season 3 also begins today just in time for the NFL playoffs.

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