Madden 24 Tips: How to Play Online in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT)

For most gamers, the online experience and capability is important for the enjoyment of whatever game they are playing. Madden Ultimate Team offers a slew of options when it comes to gaming online.

Note: Most gamers will find playing online much easier with an ethernet cable instead of a wireless WiFi connection. It eliminates a lot of delay so you can compete to the best of your ability.

How to Play MUT Online in Madden 24

Head to Head

This is the main online gameplay source in MUT. Within head to head, there are four modes to choose from: Regular Season, Champions, Squads regular Season, and All-Madden Regular Season.

Regular Season

In this mode, you play through an online NFL season. Your goal: get to the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. The difficulty you play on is based on your profile difficulty, and you face players with that same difficulty.


You can earn Competitive Pass XP that comes with exclusive players by competing with the best players each week.

Squads Regular Season

This mode is just the Regular Season with friends.

All-Madden Regular Season

Play through an NFL season and through the playoffs, on All-Madden difficulty.

*All Regular Season modes require four wins for a playoff birth and three losses to be reset.

House Rules

An event-based mode, there is a special set of rules for each game played. The current event that ends August 31st is 20 yard first downs. Oh, and when you call a play, it is on a 99-play cooldown. A fun way to spice up your MUT experience.

MUT Draft

Popularly known as Draft Champions, MUT Draft gives you the option to either play offline or online. Simply draft a team of MUT cards that are in the game and take your team online. You can also play with a friend.

Play with Friends

Take your best MUT team online against a buddy you invite.

Note: PS+ and Xbox Live are required for online play.

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