How to Get Coins & Level Up Fast in Madden 24 Ultimate Team (MUT)

There are multiple ways to upgrade your team in Madden Ultimate Team, and two ways are garnering coins and leveling up in Field Passes.

How to Get Coins in Madden 24 Ultimate Team

Coins are frequent to come by and are the way to buy players off the Auction House. You can earn coins by playing challenges, competing online, leveling up, and opening packs.
A way to make coins is flipping cards in the Auction House. If you see a card going for less than the rest, buy it and sell it for its market value.

You can use coins to buy packs, but most of the time are not worth it. Coins are also available if the player comes with a quick sell value. If there are coins on the card, it has a coin amount you can quick sell the card for. LTD cards are the same way.

Note: If a player has a “BND” sticker, it cannot be sold. It is “account bound” and is stuck with you unless you sell it for training.

How to Level Up in Madden 24 Ultimate Team

Field passes are a great way to make coin, earn players, earn packs, or earn special rewards. As of launch, there are four field passes: Season 1, Ultimate Preseason, Team Captains, and Headliners.

You can earn XP for these field passes by completing objectives within the field pass. In the “Live Events” tab under objectives, use your right trigger to select what field pass you would like to view. From there, go to objectives and check what you must do to earn XP.
Most of the time, you can combine objectives to get multiple field passes done at once. Field passes bring you free things for the duration of the game, so completing them and earning the rewards are more worth it than most may think.