Madden NFL 24 Tips: How To Jump Into Madden Early & Save Money

Official release date of Madden 24 is August 18th, but you can get it early on August 15th if you pay $30 extra. Let’s get real, the release date is August 15th and EA is locking (or punishing) early adopters and loyal fans if they decide to not spend the extra money on the Deluxe version.

The Standard version of Madden 24 comes with the base game for last gen and current gen systems, some extra cards for MUT and a Three-day waiting period on the game to play it.

The Deluxe version of Madden 24 comes with the same MUT cards, and some additional ones, some in game currency to buy more cards, and the right to play the same game Three days earlier than the lowly standard edition people.

Currently you can buy the Standard Version for $69.99 and the Deluxe edition for $99.99 on consoles.

If you have Madden 23, you can receive a 10% off on only the Deluxe edition (EA is really driving home the point that they don’t cater to the lesser standard edition folks) on Consoles.

Most people probably already know this however, you can get around the $30 fee EA is charging to get Madden 24 on August 15th. There are a few stipulations though.

EA play, it is currently $4,99 a month and $29.99 a year. With EA play you save 10 percent off Madden 24 purchase (digital versions only). You also get Madden 24 on launch day of August 15th (not three days late), however only a ten-hour long trial. Plus, the added bonus of some other popular EA titles for free with EA Play subscription.

If you don’t plan on playing Madden 24 more than ten hours over the first three days, you don’t care about the few extras for the Deluxe version and you are not interested in playing the highly pay to win/transactional MUT, then paying for one month of EA play (some people may already have it free through Xbox) makes a lot more sense.